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VALIDATED ON 01.01.2016

You may be eligible for an exchange only if the products are in perfect, unused condition.

  1. Do not open the product box/packaging/zip-lock bag.
  2. Do not use any extensions, wigs or hair made-ups.
  3. Do not tamper with the packet or produce to claim any refund or exchange.

Human hair is not a factory-made product; it’s natural and derived from human body. It doesn’t carry a proper seal or identification to prove that the product is from HINDUSTAN HAIR USA INC or from its several brands. Your case may be genuine, but scientifically we cannot confirm the ownership of the claimed product.

Moreover, all the human hair from our products is packed after it undergoes several hygienic processing and packaging conditions. Hence any touched, used, unpacked and worked hair will be treated as unhygienic for a third- party application/use.

Hair Tangling:

Human hair does tangle. Doesn’t your own hair in the scalp tangle at all? Yes, it tangles when you don’t maintain it properly. It’s your responsibility to show proper care for all the hair extensions/wigs/hair made-ups fixed in the natural hair cautiously and systematically. It’s very expensive, luxurious and extremely hard to collect.

As a manufacturer and distributor, HINDUSTAN HAIR USA INC can only guarantee to supply you 100% natural human hair-extensions in perfect hygienic conditions. We do not guarantee on any issues that arise after you open the box and use/cycle/work our extensions/wigs at your convenience.

Be strict with your extensionist to remove and do after-care once in a while; instead of visiting the retailer/distributor when you have any complaints such as tangling, dryness, matting etc. We wouldn’t be able to help.

We aren’t the only organisation which stipulates such conditions in the industry; every prominent human hair-extensions manufacturer/distributor stipulates such strict clauses too.

With 24 years of experience in human hair-extension business, we understand that the following ambiguous situations have prevented us from giving any sort of refund/exchange/return of our products. We request all our resellers/salons/end-users to read the following notes for better understanding,prior to any purchase/business with us.

We, HINDUSTAN HAIR USA INC, nor our distributors/resellers in USA can approve any return/exchange/refund of our products due to the following actual facts:

  1. Human hair is to be processed and packed as final hair-extension/wig, after several hygenic industrial processing method, like woollen fibres are processed in pigmentation and de-pigmentation. Once the packed product is unpacked, used, worked and touched by a human body, it can lose its virginity of hygiene and it cannot be replaced/exchanged for a third-party human usage.
  2. Human hair will tangle; it’s a known phenomenon. Doesn’t your own hair ever tangle? The only way to avoid such incidents is to take care of the hair properly and use soft and low pH wet hair-products. There are several tips available on the Internet, which you can follow. Also avoid too much chlorine, sweat, etc. It’s an additional dead strand of hair fixed into your natural live hair. Keep in mind that one needs to maintain after-care properly and wisely.
  3. Human hair strands are derived from human body. Hence, one cannot make any identification mark on the strands to identify/justify that the claimed product is from Hindustan Hair USA Inc. We’re sorry, we can’t say it’s our product if you have used/applied/worked on it.
  4. Each and every human hair strand is unique in its fiber; so is the hair from countries likes India, Brazil, China etc. Do not mix Hindustan Hair extensions with any other leftover strands; or let a Salon Extensionist do it and find fault with the distributor. Be cautious and careful.
  5. None of our human hair-products will tangle or matt by itself. Because, from its raw stage of hair to hackling (sizing) procedure, it goes through almost four types of industrial detergent-based washing and very low ammonia wash to remove all final micro debris. From final hackling to de-pigmention to pigmentation process, another four types of industrial washing are done. From final pigmentation to end- product making, three more types of washing are done with industrial shampoo & conditioner. If at all our products get tangled, they might have tangled during these eleven types of washing stages.

No, our products will never tangle, matt or become dry.

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