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Clip On Fringe
Clip On Fringe
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Lengths Available
Lengths Available

PALIKAHAIR™ Clip on Fringe is an amazing quality of “easy plug and wear” frontal fringe integrated into your forehead once you clip it, using pure and natural Remy human hair from India or Brazil.

PALIKAHAIR™ Clip on Fringe is instant and real time easy to wear forehead hairpiece. Our Fringe gives you instant cover of the forehead baldness with 100% natural looking.

Since PALIKAHAIR™ Clip on Fringe is 100% natural 100% real human hair; the attachment is invincible and instant beauty.

Each packet contains one piece of our Clip on Fringe piece along with an aftercare and maintenance manual. If maintains properly our Fringe can be usable/re-usable for 2 years.

Palikahair™ Clip on Fringe available in most of the top end hair shops such as STYLEDIVA and cash and carry wholesalers across South Africa and USA.

Standard Fixing Manual:
  • Start by parting the section of your hair in line with your earlobes.
  • Open the clips and attach them as close to the roots as possible, starting with the middle clip.
  • Repeat steps 1 and 2 at different partings of your hair, starting at the lower half of your head and working your way up. Follow your hairline and be sure to balance it out evenly. You may need one or two practice rounds. But once you get it, it should take only a few minutes.
  • NEVER try to slide the extensions off without opening the clip first.
  • There are several YouTube visuals available to fix it.
Standard Washing Manual:

Shampoo hair extensions after 4-5 uses.

  • It is best to shampoo hair extensions less frequently as possible. It is advisable that you shampoo your human hair extension only when it appears dull or begins to acquire odor. This is because, unlike your natural hair, hair extensions no longer receive natural oil from the scalp, and shampooing them more than what is necessary will dry them out.
  • Gently remove tangles with your fingers.
  • If the tangles are hard to remove, apply a spray on conditioner on the hair to ease out tangles.
  • Remove tangles from the ends and gently work your way up to avoid breakage.
  • Use a good quality mild shampoo and conditioner that are designed for dry/damaged hair to bring best results. This keeps the moisture in your hair extensions. Use shampoo in moderation.
  • Never wash your Clip_On Hair Extension while it’s attached to your head.
  • Use cool water (room temperature) to wet the hair extension gradually and shampoo it downwards, stroking from weft to base. Never rub, scrub or twist the hair.
  • Your hair extension does not receive oil from your scalp like your natural hair does. Make sure that you pamper it with a deep conditioning treatment after washing. We suggest Moroccan Oil.
  • Make sure that the hair extension is tangle-free before you let it dry. Detangle it with the use of fingers.
  • Let the Clip_On Hair Extension dry naturally by laying it dry on a clean towel to save the amount of heat exposure. Just like your Remy hair Clip_On Hair Extension, your natural hair also prefers to air-dry without the aid of heat, as heat can damage the cuticles. Opt out of using blow dryers as often as possible.
Clip-On Extensions Aftercare

Gently work conditioner into the hair extensions and leave for fifteen minutes. Rinse conditioner out. Lay your hair extension on a towel to dry or blow dry on a low heat setting. Your human hair Clip_On extension will not require washing as often as your own hair; wash only when it starts to look dull and lifeless.

  • Wash your Clip_On hair extension only once a week if necessary.
  • Do not dry it with a hair dryer.
  • Don't rub the shampoo in too much, which will tangle the extension.
  • Make sure you brush the extension every day before and after you wash it.
  • Use a wide tooth comb or a loop brush when combing your Clip_On hair extension.
  • A loop brush is specially designed for hair extensions. As its bristles are looped, they do not pull on the extensions. Rather, it brushes all the way to the scalp gliding smoothly through hair. However, take note that it is better to de-tangle hair extensions when they are not clipped on yet.
  • When combing/brushing, work your hair from the ends carefully moving upwards towards the weft. As with your hair extension, brush your natural hair from ends to roots to detangle it properly and prevent breakage.
  • Brush or comb downwards once hair is tangle-free.
  • Never brush or comb your hair extension when wet.
  • Never sleep with your extension clipped on. It’s not just uncomfortable but can also pull your natural hair and dig on your scalp.
  • Hair always gets tangled when you sleep, no matter how smooth and silky it is. If your natural hair and Clip_On get tangled, it becomes very difficult and will cause damage to both.
  • Sleeping with your Clip_On extension on can cause traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is hair loss caused by pulling of hair.
  • It is important to take care of not just your Clip_On hair extension, but also your natural hair and scalp.
  • Hair extensions are clipped on to your natural hair. If your natural hair is weak and brittle, the weight of the extensions can cause breakage.
  • It is correct that extensions are designed to thicken or lengthen hair, but if hair is too thin and wispy, it won't be able to hide the clips and they will also be more prone to breakage. That is why we advise you to keep your natural hair as well as your scalp healthy.
  • Unhealthy and weak hair and scalp are at high risk for traction alopecia. This is hair loss caused by trauma to the scalp from pulling of hair.
  • Store with the clips closed.